Walk In Services

Nail Trim                                         $10.00                TeethBrushing                $10.00

Nail Grind                                       $15.00

Anal Gland Expression                 $15.00

Brush Out (15 minutes)                $10.00                Quick exit bath                $ 15.00-20.00

Face Trim                                        $10.00

Foot Trim                                        $10.00

Sanitary Trim (under tail)             $10.00

Face,Feet and Sanitary                 $25.00


Baths Starting at $25 includes:                 Bathing with high quality shampoo and conditioner, fitting your dogs needs

                                   (Hypo, deep cleaning, oatmeal, brightening (exc. deshedding)                      

                                           Clean and pluck ears

                                           Check anal glands

                                           Nail trim

                                           Trim feet if necessary

                                           15 Minute brush out


Haircuts starting at $40 includes:                                         
Everything included in baths (above) plus a haircut


Add on Services (to be added onto basic Bath or Groom prices)  

Nail Grind                                       $5.00   

Additional Combing and/or Dematting                                $1.00 per minute ($60/hr) after 1st 20 minutes    

Special Handling (Difficult/Geriatric)                                    $10.00 to $30.00

Sanitary Trim                                  $5.00 in addition to Bath charge

Teeth Brushing                              $5.00

Furminator (deshedding)

              Small     $15

              Medium              $20

              Large     $25

              XT Large              $30

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